Criteria for Scholarship Candidacy



The quality of the programs at Jardin Infatil y Comedor Belem and Colegio Cristiano El Padul have provided us with a unique opportunity to build on a foundation of educational integrity and strength. The school has provided an excellent education to young people in Managua who ordinarily would not have even attended elementary school, due to their family situations and economic hardships. 


The Nicaragua College Fund was established to enable these same students to continue their educations at the university level, with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty in their families and communities.

Scholarships are given only to the most deserving students at Colegio Cristiano El Padul. After receiving a scholarship, they must earn high marks at their respective universities, and give back by volunteering at Jardin Infatil y Comedor Belem, so that they can serve as examples to younger students and stay connected to the communities in which they were raised.

In order to earn a scholarship from the Nicaragua College Fund and to continue receiving support throughout their university careers, recipients must:

  • Maintain a B grade average or better in their senior year and at university.
  • Write an essay explaining their educational, career, and life goals
  • Maintain high moral and ethical standards, to be judged by administrators at Jardin Infantil y Comedor Belem and Colegio Cristiano El Padul.
  • Write a letter to their sponsors each year, thanking them, and describing their college experiences, including grades, classes, clubs, and interests.
  • Provide a minimal amount of community service to Jardin Infantil y Comedor Belem, so that the young students can be inspired by and benefit from their university educations.

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