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Students Nicaragua College Fund Scholarship Recipients

Meyling, 2009 Scholarship Recipient

Meyling Azucena Contreras is the youngest of five children. Although her family is poor, she is blessed with good and conscientious parents. Her mother earns a living making tortillas, and her father is a security guard. Meyling is petite and a little shy, but very intelligent and hard working. She has always been an outstanding student. She entered university at the age of 16 and graduated at age 20. Since her first semester, Meyling was at the top of her class at University Martin Lutero, where she studied Computer Science. When she was not in school or studying, she taught kindergarten at El Padul School. Meyling was our first scholarship recipient to graduate university, and now is working in a diagnostic center, where she analyzes magnetic resonance images. She is very happy in her career and deeply grateful to the Nicaragua College Fund for making it possible for her to study and enter a professional field that will allow her to lift her family out of poverty.

Tania, 2010 Scholarship Recipient

Tania del Carmen Vellecillo Dominguez grew up with her grandparents, her older brother, younger brother and younger sister. Her father abandoned the family when she was a small girl. Her mother remarried a metal worker and lives nearby. Her grandfather, a security guard, supported her and her three siblings for most of their childhoods. In high school, Tania was a top student. Tania studied Business Administration at Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua, UPOLI. She worked hard at university, while helping with her younger siblings and cousins at home. Tania has great drive and potential to succeed. She has graduated and is now working as an administrator at Hospital Espana in Managua. She is in a position to dramatically improve the lives of her family members.

Sammy, 2010 Scholarship Recipient

Sammy graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, UNI. He is now working at Tecnicasa, a well-respected civil engineering firm in Managua. Sammy feels that his university education opened a lot of doors for him and created opportunities, which otherwise would not have been possible. He wants to continue learning in his field, and plans to take additional classes to become certified to do increasingly specialized work in civil engineering.

Eveling, 2011 Scholarship Recipient

Eveling Roxana Gutiérrez García

Eveling Roxana Garcia graduated from Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua in 2016 with a degree in Accounting. After her graduation, Eveling, who had spent her senior year of high school at an exchange program at the Cascade Christian School in Oregon, will move to Oregon to marry Nick Alexander. Nick has visited Nicaragua many times and spent months at Colegio Christiano El Padul, where he taught English and videography.

Karla, 2011 Scholarship Recipient

Karla Escorcia Murillo

Karlita is one of three children and comes from a good home with supportive parents. Her mother is a school administrator, Director of el Colegio Christiano El Padul, and her father is a public servant. Karla has finished her course work in medical school and is now making rounds as an intern at the Hospital Escuela Dr. Alejandro Davila Bolanos in Managua. We are very proud of Karla. She has worked tirelessly, always maintained her position at the top of her classes, and has a contagious positive attitude. She will become a practicing physician in 2017!

Alejandro, 2011 Scholarship Recipient

Alejandro Martinez

Alejandro lives with his grandmother and three of his siblings in a small two-room cottage with dirt floors in the black market district of Managua. Alejandro lost his mother when he was ten and has been raised by his grandmother ever since. He has worked hard in school since he was a young boy. Having worked full time as a teacher and administrator at Colegio Christiano El Padul throughout his college career, Alejandro has nearly completed his course work in Computer Science at Universidad Martin Lutero. After completing his thesis and earning his diploma, he hopes to return to school to study pedagogy, with the goal of becoming a certified teacher of computer science at the primary or secondary school level. He has earned valuable experience as a teacher and administrator at El Padul, where he works as a supervisor and registrar for the school of 350 students.

Brenda, 2011 Scholarship Recipient

Brenda Mejia

Brenda de los Angeles Mejía Flores is a bright, cheerful young woman. When she was only three years old her mother passed away after having complications giving birth to a set of twins. Brenda was raised by her maternal grandmother until she turned fifteen years old. Brenda attended classes at Universidad Martin Lutero on Saturdays and worked full time while she was at university, teaching the kindergarten class at El Padul. Brenda graduated with a degree in Accounting in 2015 and is working as an auditor at a well-respected accounting firm in Managua.

Cristhian, 2011 Scholarship Recipient


Cristhian Alberto Torrez Torrez lives with his mother, grandmother, and two siblings. He was a student at El Padul school from the time he was four years old and his dream has always been to finish high school and then go on to college. Cristhian has finished his course work in Accounting at Universidad Martin Lutero. He loved his major and learned many life lessons while in college. Most importantly he learned not to give up and to persevere. He is currently working as the administrative assistant to a business owner in Managua. Once Cristhian has finished his thesis and earned his diploma, he plans to take the CPA exam. At a later date, he would like to continue his studies in the field of Auditing or Economics at UNAN. He would work during the day and study at night or on the weekends.

Veronica, 2012 Scholarship Recipient

Veronica Castro

Veronica Castro lives with her mother and father and has two siblings. Her mother is a maid and her father is a welder. Veronica graduated from El Padul first in her class in 2012. She is intelligent and hard working. She studied Accounting and Auditing at Universidad de Managua, graduating in 2016. Veronica attended university on Saturdays, working five mornings a week at El Padul as a substitute teacher and assistant, and studied in the afternoons and evenings. Veronica is now working as an auditor at the same accounting firm where Brenda works. Veronica now plans to learn English, using Rosetta Stone to further her professional opportunities.

Teresa, 2012 Scholarship Recipient

Teresa Garcia

Teresa Garcia is another one of Angelita’s daughters. Teresa studies Banking and Finance at Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua, UPOLI. She will finish her course work in December 2017. University has been difficult for Teresa, who has many responsibilities at home helping her mother and small cousins. She has learned strength and perseverance through her university experience.

Jena, 2012 Scholarship Recipient

Jena Calera Castro

Jena is studying Industrial Chemistry at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, UNAN. She studies five days a week, attending classes in the mornings and going to the library in the afternoons. She is taking six classes per semester, and while she is working very hard, she is learning a lot and enjoying her university experience. She lives with her mother and two siblings. Her father was shot by his brother-in-law five years ago. Her mother is a cook at El Padul School in Managua.

Diana Hernandez, 2013 Scholarship Recipient

Diana Hernandez

Diana Hernandez’ mother is one of the cooks at El Padul, the school Diana attended for 14 years. Diana was one of the best students in her senior year of high school. She is focused, hard working and passionate. Diana graduated with a degree in Banking from UNAN in 2016. She is now pursuing a degree in Journalism at Universidad de Managua, studying on Sundays and working Monday through Friday. She wants a career that will lead to intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth and that will not lead her off of God’s path.

Walkiria, 2014 Scholarship Recipient

Walkiria Hernandez

Walkiria is studying International Relations at Universidad Iberoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia, UNICIT. She is interested in diplomatic work at the Nicaraguan embassy. She is also interested in working on alternative energy development in the country, specifically hydroelectric power.

Marvin, 2014 Scholarship Recipient


Marvin Jose Hernandez Padilla is studying Industrial Engineering at Universidad Iberamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia, UNICIT. Like his sister, he attends classes in the mornings and studies in the library in the afternoons. His classes have included programming, basic and inferential statistics, calculus 3 & 4, physics, mechanics 1 & 2, chemistry, and economic engineering.

Adan Vallecillo, 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Adan Vallecillo

Adan lives with his parents and two brothers. His father is a driver and his mother does not work outside of the house. Adan studied at El Padul in Managua for 14 years. He is now studying Accounting at Universidad de Managua. He is working hard and feels good about his performance at university.

Manuel Antonio Lopez, 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Manuel Antonio Lopez

Manuel Antonio Lopez Mayorquin lives in the Barrio Lomas de Chico Pelon with his parents, two brothers, two aunts and two cousins. His father is a metal worker and his mother is a maid. His brother and mother suffer from serious medical problems. Manuel went to El Padul from the time he was in pre-school, and was the highest performing male student in his senior class. Manuel is now studying Journalism at University of Managua. In his spare time, he has worked as a cinematographer, and enjoys the work very much.

Liduvina Natasha Rico, 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Liduvina Natasha Rico

Liduvina is studying Tourism and Hotel Management at Universidad de Managua. She has wanted with all her heart to study at university, learn new skills, get a respectable job, and help her parents, siblings, and little nephew. Natasha is goal oriented, big hearted, and gracious in thanking all of those who have helped her in life.

Jennifer, 2015 Scholarship Recipient


Jennifer is studying English Education at Universidad Centroamericana de Nicaragua, UCA. She had the unique opportunity to attend school during her senior year of high school at Cascade Christian School in Medford, Oregon. During her stay in Oregon, her English language skills blossomed. It is now her goal to be an English teacher in Nicaragua, to share the gift of foreign language with others.

Amalia Hernandez, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Amalia Hernandez

Amalia Hernandez graduated high school from El Padul at age 16. She lives with her mother and aunt, two brothers, and six cousins in a one-room 250 square foot house with one bathroom. It took her an hour by bus to get to school during her grade school and high school years. She helps her mother, who works selling in the black market, after her classes. She is studying International Relations at Universidad Iberoamericana.

Andrea del Carmen, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Andrea del Carmen Veliz

Andrea del Carmen Veliz graduated from high school at El Padul when she was 15. She is a modest and hard working student. Ten people live in her house. Most of her family members work in the black market, and she is able to study at home when they are at work. When at home, she helps to care for her younger siblings. Andrea is studying Computer Engineering in Universidad de Managua, having been inspired by Alejandro Martinez, an older recipient of a Nicaragua College Fund scholarship. Andrea’s mother believes in her and is committed to Andrea’s getting a university education, therefore Andrea will not need to work while she is studying for her degree.

Estefani Alexandra Noguera Blanco, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Estefani Alexandra Noguera Blanco

Estefani Alexandra Noguera Blanco studied at El Padul for 11 years and graduated at the age of 17. During her grade school and secondary school years, she awoke at 4:00 a.m. in order to travel to school and arrive on time. Estefani is driven to work in marketing for SCCA, a consumer products company, which has excellent employee benefits and sends its best employees overseas to promote their products. She is studying Marketing and Advertising at Universidad de Managua and is very grateful for the opportunity to pursue a university education.

Italia Alexandra Fernandez Matamoros, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Italia Alexandra Fernandez Matamoros

Italia is the daughter of one of the teachers at El Padul. She graduated high school at the age of 15. She has always been one of the best students in her class. She lives in a home with ten people, including her mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, aunt, uncle, sister, and three cousins. She shares a room with her sister, where she is able to study into the night. Italia loves science and is studying at Universidad de Ciencias Medicas to become a doctor.

Jose Luis Santana Meza, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Jose Luis Santana Meza

Jose Luis Santana Meza spent 16 years as a student at El Padul and graduated from high school when he was 20. Jose Luis is a gifted artist and mathematician. His dream is to become an architect, having been inspired by Sammy Peralta, an older recipient of a Nicaragua College Fund scholarship. As the first step toward reaching his dream, Jose Luis is studying Architecture at Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria.

Carlos Ivan Gutierrez, 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Carlos Ivan Gutierrez

Carlos is attending Universidad de Managua and is studying Computer Engineering. He goes to school on Saturdays, studies on Sundays and weeknights, and works Monday through Friday to help his family. His father had a traffic accident and is unable to work.

Jhostin, 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Jhostin Antonio

Jhostin Antonio Rugama Mendez was a student at El Padul since pre-school. It took him an hour to get to school by bus and walking from home each day. He lives with his mother, two sisters, and nephew. His mother works as a maid and is gone from the house all day. Jhostin enjoys art and working on the computer. He will be studying English at Don Bosco.

Darwin, 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Darwin Martinez

Darwin Martinez was the best student in his junior class at El Padul. As a result, he was selected to study at the Cascade Christian School in Medford, Oregon for his senior year. He lived with Cliff and Trudi Leidecker and their son in Oregon. Darwin learned so much during his time in the US. His English language skills skyrocketed and his appreciation for his culture and that of his host family and school blossomed. Darwin is now studying Accounting at UCA in Managua, where he earned a full academic scholarship for his four years, as long as he performs well academically.

Zeyra, 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Zeyra Shachary

Zeyra Shachary Davila Bonilla is an excellent student. She lives with her mother and little brother in one room of a house that shelters a total of 50 family members. She likes mathematics and is looking forward to studying Education in university. She began her university career at Universidad de Managua in January 2017. Her mother is very supportive of her desire to study in university and make a better life for herself.

Jose Ernesto, 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Jose Ernesto

Jose Ernesto Ayala Romero lives with his mother and three younger siblings. His mother sells natural juices on the street. Jose’s father is a circus performer, and Jose used to work as a circus performer with his father, but was not able to keep up with his schoolwork, so had to quit. He began his studies in Tourism and Hotel Management at Universidad de Managua in January 2017. He attends classes on Saturdays and works at a tool shop with his uncle during the weekdays. He studies at night and on Sunday.

Arelys Vanessa Vallecillo Zamora, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Arelys attended El Padul from the time she was four years old. She was the best student in her class. She is now studying Political Science and Public Management at UPOLI. Her goal is to study hard, graduate, earn her diploma, and get a job that will help to support her parents and siblings. Her brothers, Adan and Alfredo are also studying at university.

Cynthia Jaqueline Canda Reyes, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Cynthia earned an academic scholarship from UNAN to study English. She would like to become a translator. She is a hard worker and has the full support of her family. We have high hopes for Cynthia.

Gabriela Karina Mejia Chaves, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Gabriela is a lovely young lady. She earned an academic scholarship from UNAN and is studying nursing. She is studying in the field of medicine because of her strong desire to help others. One day she would like to open her own clinic and provide employment for others. Her parents both work and support her goals 100 percent.

Karla Patricia Alarcon Guadamuz, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Karla started going to school at El Padul when she was very young. Her sister, Anayancis, is the preschool teacher at El Padul.

Karla loves animals and is studying to become a veterinarian at the Universidad Agraria, which is a public university near the Managua Airport. Her hope is to work with farm animals when she graduates.

Luby Jennifer Ayala Romero, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Luby is a very outgoing and articulate young lady. She earned an academic scholarship from UNAN, where she is now studying Banking and Finance. Luby wants a better life for herself and her family. She believes that a career in finance will help her to provide for that.

Luz Aurora Martínez López, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Luz was one of the best students in her class at El Padul. She is studying Oriental Medicine at the Universidad de Medicina Oriental (UMO). UMO is a new Japanese university, which opened in 2010. Luz hopes to open her own medical clinic one day and intends to work hard to make a better life for herself and her family.

Aarón De Jesús Lopéz Mallorquín, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Aaron has had a very difficult home life. It was hard for him to focus on his studies at El Padul. He wants a better life for himself in the future and is studying at INATEC, the government-funded technical school, to become an auto mechanic.

Jesús Emmanuel Hernández Castro, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Jesus was a very strong student at El Padul. His mother is the school cook, and his sisters, Diana and Jena, have studied business and international relations at university. Jesus is studying computer engineering at UNI and hopes to someday develop new car technologies.

Jeremias Jose Garay Moreira, 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Jeremias attended El Padul from the time he was in preschool. He studies hard and is very ambitious. He earned a technical degree in Graphic Design while he was in high school. He is now studying Computer Engineering at the University of Managua. He has big dreams of developing new technologies when he graduates.

Jeferson Hernandez, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Jeferson had a hard childhood. His mother abandoned him when he was small. His grandmother helps to support him by cooking at El Padul, but they are very poor. Jeferson has always liked building things. He has dreamed of becoming an engineer one day. Jeferson is studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Managua.

Dayana Nicaragua, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Dayana is very grateful for the guidance and education she received at El Padul. She wants to grow into a responsible, dignified adult. She has the support of her family to study at university. Dayana is studying Marketing and Advertising at the University of Managua.

Shailin Antonella Aguirre Thomas, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Shailin is from a very poor, but very supporting family. Her parents and grandparents encourage her to study at university. She wants to make the proud and to help support them financially. Shailin is studying Nursing at the University of Managua.

Kliford Oswaldo Baltodano Ortega, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Kliford started at El Padul in preschool. He was a very good student. He speaks good English and has a supportive family. He is studying Industrial Engineering at UNI (public). Kliford wants to help his parents and his younger brothers and sisters to have a better future.

Jerson Quiroz, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Jerson is studying Journalism at the University of Managua. He would like to work at a television station and report to the public on the current events in his country. He hopes to be able to help El Padul once he gets a job that pays him well.

Sherling Orozco Mendoza, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Sherling dreams of becoming a self-confident and capable person, who can help her mother out of poverty. Sherling is studying Graphic Design at the University of Managua. She hopes to own her own architecture or design business one day.

Sayana Cisneros, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Sayana was a strong student at El Padul and she speaks English very well. She is studying Tourism and Hotel Management at the University of Managua. One day, she would like to run her own hotel in Nicaragua. She would also like to go back to El Padul and teach the young children about the historical places of Nicaragua.

Eyner Romero, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Eyner is studying Civil Engineering at UNI (public).

Angel Valentin, 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Angel was the best student in his senior year at El Padul. He is a kind and humble young man. His goal is to be a productive member of society and to be financially independent. He sees himself living in Nicaragua and working toward progress and change. He would like to give back to El Padul, the school that gave him so much in his younger years, and help the students that follow him at El Padul. Angel is studying Law at UNI (private).