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Welcome to the Nicaragua College Fund

We are presented with a unique opportunity to completely alter the course of these young peoples’ lives for a relatively small amount of money. For between $350 and $1,000 per year we can give them the gift of a college education. With that, we will provide them with the tools to build for themselves a life that would have, at one time, seemed unattainable. In the process, we empower them to give back and make real change in their communities, which need change so desperately.

A donation to the Nicaragua College Fund can have an unprecedented impact on the lives of these students. 100% of the donations go directly towards paying for their tuition and fees.

The History of the Nicaragua College Fund

Colegio Cristiano El Padul graduated its first class in December of 2008, filled with students who had started out as kindergarteners at Jardin Infatil y Comedor Belem 12 years earlier. Of that first graduating class, three …

The mission of the Nicaragua College Fund is to give well-qualified Nicaraguan students access to a university education, with the goals of improving their standard of living, and creating leaders to help break the cycle of poverty within their communities.

Our Top Students